Here, Borrow My Fat Pants While I Put On These Skinny Jeans…

19 Jan

My mother and I are very close. She is seriously the best friend I have ever had. That’s probably why she ends up in my blog so often and secretly wants to back her car over me sometimes 🙂 Anyway, we’re best friends. She’s always there to encourage me in any endeavor that I take on, even some of my more crazy ideas (like losing weight for money). Today she wanted to make sure that as I lost weight I didn’t have to run around without clothes. The conversation went something like this:

Mom: “Hey I have a quick question. If somebody had some size 8-10 pants that they wanted to give away, would you be interested in them?”

Me: “Sure mom, just as soon as I lose 40 lbs I can probably squeeze into your old fat pants.”

Mom: “Great because I just put on some size 4s.”

Me: “I’m in my dark place.”

Okay it didn’t go like that exactly but that’s the Cliffs Notes version 🙂

Today has been okay for eating raw. I stayed super busy which always makes things easier. I did enjoy a trip to the office to share my amazing 100% raw guacamole with veggies which of course everyone loved because it’s AMAZING!
Well, tonight is date night at our house which means I’ll be keeping this brief. Chuck is going to enjoy a delicious meal while I sulk about how he never gains weight and we watch some Young Justice.

Diet tip of the day: When extreme dieting, make sure that you keep something delicious around for date night. I recommend “Food on Purpose” Choco Roonies. They’re these amazing raw chocolate macaroons that help tremendously while your husband is enjoying a delicious steak dinner in front of you and you’re enjoying a handful of raw cashews and a fruit smoothie. Yum!

Fat quote of the day: “A fat person doesn’t eat what’s right, but eats what’s left.”


One Response to “Here, Borrow My Fat Pants While I Put On These Skinny Jeans…”

  1. Sheryl Turner January 19, 2013 at 4:04 am #

    Ok the 4’s are really like a 6 but since they said 4 you know I had to buy them!
    You Brianna Ramseur are delightfully witty and a fun read even if it is not what I meant!
    Love you to the back of the moon!

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